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Executive Coaching

Transform your Business & Personal Performance

Our programs are strategically designed to unlock latent potential, optimising existing talents so that clients are empowered to achieve impactful and actionable outcomes. We facilitate the enhancement and development of performance skills such as improved goal attainment, professional advancement, solution-focused thinking, and increased resilience to change, stress and anxiety.  Additionally, assisting with self-awareness and distorted, performance inhibiting thoughts.

How can DW Executive (performance) Coaching enhance or transform my business?

Benefits of DW Coaching:

  • Sets clear and specific goals, sharply focused on organisational and personal outcomes and action

  • Ability to take an objective look at work-related issues and action plan solutions

  • Increases performance and output

  • Mechanism for the development and promotion of staff, affording time for reflective growth

  • Drives up and maintains staff motivation thus improving employee retention, supressing lethargy and lack of motivation to succeed

  • Addresses and overcomes negative behaviour and thought processes that create barriers to success

  • Unlocks latent talents of high potential staff by identifying and maximising strengths

  • More effectively inspire and drive a team towards success

  • Provides support through varied coaching methods and purports accountability

  • Identifies areas for cultural and environmental change

  • Coaching managers on how to successfully manage an online/virtual team, carefully planning how to reform as a high performing, impactful team post working restrictions due to Covid-19

DW Coaching offers two distinct strands of Executive Coaching:

One to One Performance Coaching


Business Consultancy

Business Development Day 

Team Away Days (Group Coaching)

Team Residentials (Group Coaching & Team Building Activities)

Click on the strands below to determined which one is right for your personal advancement or that of your business.

Executive Coaching: Programs
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Unlock your Potential & Surpass your Limits

1:1 Performance Coaching

DW Executive Coaching facilitates the enhanced performance and action planning of senior managers and high potentials aspiring to deliver transformative and accelerated change to propel themselves and their business forward.  Underpinned by Bandura’s theory of ‘Self-efficacy’, we sharply focus upon transforming your work-related issues into strengths, assisting in the development of goals that stretch and challenge you to exceed your limits and gain results. 

Adopting a 'no barrier is insurmountable' approach to our work, this service is delivered through a series of 1:1 coaching (currently offered online), framed within an inspirational, personalised and importantly, a trusting and supportive relationship.

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Transform your Business

Business Consultancy

Business Development Day

Our Business Development Day facilitates the transformation of your business.  Centring on organisational performance to achieve a culture of advanced functioning, improved outcomes and ultimately increased turnover. 

For senior leaders and managers, time is of a premium.  Performance coaching is an excellent tool to empower professionals to swiftly focus on business priorities in parallel to advancing and evolving professional development goals.

Prior to Business Development Day

We create two uniquely bespoke surveys respectively aimed at your staff and customers.  The surveys are designed in conjunction with the hiring client to ensure key data is captured.  Survey results are skilfully analysed in a report provided for the client. The report serves to accurately pinpoint target areas for growth, informing key areas of focus for the Business Development Day.

Business Development Day

The Business Development Day is an inspiring online or face-to-face meeting that is tightly structured to maximise outcomes.  It involves stimulating discussions, solutions to barriers, offers innovative ideas, talent identification and much more.  The day culminates in the production of an agreed SMART Business Strategic Action Plan to successfully drive your organisation forward with powerful clarity of direction.

Executive Coaching: List
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Team Building
Accelerating Performance to Achieve Goals

Team Away Days & Team Residentials

To achieve a high performing business, it is crucial for organisations not to overlook the importance of each individual, their talents and characteristics that make up ‘The Team’.  For 'The Team' to be effective, high functioning and achieve business goals, individuals need to move away from working in silos to working collaboratively.  It is therefore important for senior leaders to get to know their staff and the significance of the manager’s role as a change agent.

DW Performance Coaching Team Away Days and Team Residentials are an important team building opportunity for organisations, away from the confines of the work setting.  They help the workforce to address specific organisational issues as ‘one team’ and explore solutions collectively.  They accelerate interpersonal skills and relationship bonding using an interactive approach.  Learning is expedited as regards the key priorities of the business, affording staff the opportunity to make valuable contributions to the overarching Business Strategy Action Plan.

At the end of the Day and Residential, a Business Improvement Plan is drawn up that promotes shared accountability in accomplishing agreed business goals.

Team Building Activities built around key objectives.  What are the benefits to my business and staff?

Facilitates partnership working through challenge to achieve a collective goal

Improves communication

Builds trust

Unearths leadership skills

Encourages problem-solving

Allows for creative thinking

Project management


Encourages reviewing skills

Improves planning skills

Enhances negotiation skills

Reduces employee stress
Increases collaborative working
Unlocks latent skills
Lasting memories - bonding
Addresses Physical, mental, spatial challenges
Accomplishing tasks collaboratively using input from a variety of sources

Team Away Days

DW Coaching plan and deliver a blend of group and 1:1 Performance Coaching.  Involving team building activities to encourage strengthened partnership and collaborative working, as well as fostering trusting relationships.  The 1:1 element focuses on staff wellbeing and response to stress management and identification of areas for performance development.

This is offered online or face to face (once work restrictions are no longer in force) and bespoke, encompassing the ‘personal touch’.

Personal Touch

DW Coaching can work collaboratively to plan bespoke days around a set business agenda or you can leave it all to us to secure a venue, organise lunch, and design the agenda and content for the day(s).  Further, due to our expertise in staff development, training design and delivery, we are uniquely suited to host and deliver an exceptionally inspirational and engaging day. 

2 Day Residential

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are not currently able to offer this provision.

Executive Coaching: List
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