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Life Coaching

‘Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid of standing still’

                                                                                          Japanese proverb

DW Coaching offers you a uniquely personalised, non-judgemental, and exhilarating Person-centred coaching experience.   Our Life Coaching service assists you in realising your true potential in key facets of your life, through challenging goal setting and action planning.

Working in partnership, we will inspire and empower you to bring about long-lasting, transformative change.  We draw on a myriad of suitable coaching models and approaches such as GROW, Robert's Change Model, Cognitive Behavioural and positive psychology to enhance your skills, change distorted thoughts, and improve your approach to life within a highly ethical, confidential and trusting coach-coachee relationship. 

Example areas of focus:




Personal Relationships

Living Environment

Friends/social life

Sense of purpose

If you are ready for personal growth, we are ready to support you in developing your action plan to accomplish your overarching goals, unlocking your true self and unbridled potential. 

Remember, 'Courage is one step ahead of fear' – Coleman Young.  

Life Coaching: Service
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